Monday, September 12, 2011

Maddy is 3 years old!! :(

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!! I can't believe that she is 3 years old!! Where has the time gone?? It seems like yesterday that she was born, and I had 2 baby girls 11 months apart and I didn't know what I was going to do! It was a crazy first year, but Maddy was such a good baby- good thing-- cause it could have been alot worse LOL!

My 2 babies!
Now Maddy and Halie are such good friends, they do have their moments, but overall they are best friends and love each other so much!!

Maddy is such a happy girl, she is fun and silly and really stubborn! She loves to play with her babies, and to play dress up's! Maddy LOVES animals she loves them all-- Dogs, Cats, Horses, Deer (yes we do have a deer)! Maddy also loves to watch TV, some of her favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Barney, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie. She is really smart and she is loving school, and she also loves nursery. Maddy loves electronics, especially the Ipod/Ipad she knows everything about these and can work them way better than her mom!

Maddy is VERY stubborn, and likes to have her way.... but really, who doesn't!?! She still has a sippy cup at night, we have tried everything to get her to give it up, but nothing seems to work! We are weak-- and like our sleep- so after listening to hours of screaming and kicking we give in and let her have the cup! So Maddy, when you have major problems with your teeth remember we tried!!

We love Maddy so much, she is such a special part of our family! We don't know what we would do without her- She is still our baby even though she is now 3 YEARS OLD!! Happy Birthday Maddy Pie! We love you TONZ-

First Day of Preschool!!

Halie has been waiting for preschool to start all Summer long! When school let out for the Summer, she would ask me every day (for about 2 weeks) when school would start back up... So she was pretty excited when she FINALLY got to got back to school! I wish this love for school would last a litte longer than it usually does for my kids. But at least these 2 little girls are super excited to go to preschool!!
This is Maddy's first year of preschool, and she just seems too little to be going, maybe it's because she is my baby. She actually didn't turn 3 untill a few days after school started, but she is just so little! Halie is on her 2nd year of preschool, but they are both going to be in the "3yr old" class (just this year!) next year they will be in separate classes! I really am hoping that they get along LOL!
Getting on the bus-- Maddy made sure that Halie was getting on with her-- She was not going alone, I think that she was a little nervous, but having Halie with her made it alright! She never cried-- Last year Halie cried everyday, for the first couple of weeks, when I would put her on the bus. It was really sad, but they told me after a couple minutes she was fine, so I kept on sending her- It didn't take her long to get over that and she sure did love school! We do have a GREAT preschool program here, and great teachers that make it so much fun for the kids!

My 2 BABIES off to school-- What will I do? I now have 3 hours of "free" time!! It sure is quite when they are gone, and they have tonz of fun at school, so I don't feel to guilty-

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day at the cabin! We love to go up to the cabin for Labor Day, it is usually one of the only times we get to go camping (our lives need to get a little less busy!). This year we had a great time, the weather was perfect, we got to cookout, shoot skeets, go fishing, and ride the 4wheelers! Hope we don't have to wait a whole year before we get to go back!!

----Rylie-- roasting marshmellows
----Halie bug and Maggie
----Grandma and the girls!
-----Halie and Maddy

----Group shot!

Grandma Great and Rylie
Rylie's first time shooting skeets
Grandpa and his little helper!
Ryan... He is a Pro-
Hagen-- he LOVES to shoot skeets, and he is actually really good at it!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been a major slacker with my blog this past year, and I have a goal to start over and just be an AWESOME blogger!! Ha Ha--- But really I do want to keep up on my blog, because this is like my form of a journal, and I see the CUTE little books that people make from their blogs and I want to do that too! So here I go with my "Do Over"

First Day of School!!

Aren't they just the CUTEST!! These two are seriously the best kids, they do have their moments, but they really are GREAT kids they are nice and smart and helpful, and they don't give their parents too many problems!

Rylie is starting 3rd grade!! I really can't believe it, although she is 8 going on 18!! She is SOOO SMART and she LOVES to talk, and talk, and talk some more, she is the best and I love her so much, she is my big helper (even when she doesn't want to be). She is very loving and usually really nice! She also LOVES clothes and shoe and she knows whats in "Style"!!

Hagen is in 4th grade this year, which makes me feel really OLD! He is a COWBOY and only wants to wear Wranglers & Boots, and there is NOTHING I can say to change his mind! He is AWESOME at math and he also LOVES Recess LOL!! He is the nicest kid, he is kind to everyone and he is a really good helper at home. He loves to go with his dad, he is ALL BOY- he loves sports, guns, friends, and getting dirty!! We love him so much and wouldn't know what to do without him!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Summer Summer!!!

The summer has went by soooo fast this year, it feels like the kids just got out of school, and now it is almost time to go back :( But we did have a great summer and we did tonz of fun stuff. I have such a long post already so I didn't add picts from everything we did. In the summer one of our very favorite things to do is to go out to the lake. And this summer my parents rented a houseboat and took all of us to Lake Powell!

The whole family

Hagen sliding

Clayt & Ryan

Hagen wakeboarding




Hagen's awesome tan line!

Halie bug

They had a "hoedown" in the park this year, during the county fair. It was really fun, the kids loved dancing and running around! Hagen and Clayton even asked girls to dance:) (not sure if Hagen asked or if the girl asked him)





One of the kids favorite things about summer is the little buckaroo rodeo, it is really fun for the kids, the boys do the cowboy thing, and the girls run around and play (their not really into being cowgirls ;)) this year Hagen won the mutton bustin' and the roping, so he got a "butch cassidy days" t-shirt and a new rope. He was pretty excited! (he had been practicing his roping all week)

clayt ropin'

Hag roping

Rylie riding in with the queens!

Crawdad fishing! Another one of the kids favorite things to do in the summer!!